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簡 介

採大一不分系、大二起依興趣選定設計學院所屬系組為主修。大一不分系之課程設計著重於創意思考訓練以及基礎設計理論與技巧,強調專題實作之訓練, 充分啟發與引導學生對設計美學、文化創意、生活精品、空間規劃、建築設計、互動設計等領域有更敏銳的學習認知與體驗設計實務的經驗,為大二分組後之專業設計領域學習奠定創意思考以及跨領域思維展現之基石。 

This Program is affiliated to the College of Design. Students enrolled as non-majors in their first undergraduate year are expected to apply for their majors, namely, any of the three departments, for graduation at the sophomore year according to their study interests and professional consideration. Therefore, it is hoped that students will be familiar with creative thinking, basic theories of design and skills, and project practices in the first year so as to lay a foundation stone for their advanced professional training in the next three years of studies.