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The College of Design aims to create healthy and sustainable surroundings. Our development compasses wide and various design fields including products, furniture, interior space, architecture, landscape, house, community, urban planning, and interactive media application.
The college implements hands-on education which is aim to nourish professionals who are equipped with knowledge pertinent to design theory and design practice. Besides a fundamental training of theories and skills, we intend to prepare our students to develop the ability of “From head to hand” for the trend of creative industries through design competitions, project practice, humanitarian architecture, and off-campus internships.
In these years, our research interests focus on the fields of smart city, age-friendly city, landscape architecture, urban planning and regeneration, smart and healthy buildings, innovative green building materials, cultural space, woodcraft cultural and creative industries, ergonomic design, universal design, medical assistive device design, smart living, human-machine interface, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and interactive art. The college will continue firmly linking itself to Taiwan’s industries, and combine academic research with industry practice in the learning environment.