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112/6/15 [Design Speech] International Adaptation for Otaku Culture & Interaction Design

TITLE:International Adaptation for Otaku Culture & Interaction Design
TIME: 13:00-15:30
VENUE:8F, 853 Hall, Design Building (設計館853演講廳)

Otaku culture content has already been localized and developed. However, otaku culture shows a global spread and tends to adapt to each country or region. Let's think together about how this mechanism has been implemented in otaku content culture, and how it will change in the future of computers in human behavior.

杉浦一德 Kazunori Sugiura

Areas of expertise: Operating Systems, Internet Technology, Media Experience, Contents Literacy, Otaku Culture

Received a Ph.D. in Media and Governance from Keio University Graduate School of Media Design and Governance. Previously, Assistant Professor at Keio University Graduate School of Media and Governance, Associate Professor at Keio University Research Institute for Digital Media and Content, and Associate Professor at KMD. Works on digital content application and innovation, including digital media content management and experience, media content collaboration, and core technologies such as Operating System architecture, Internet transport technology, ubiquitous environment technology, and global computing architecture. Heavily involved in Cool Japan’s innovative and creative content, including anime, cosplay (costume play), Kigurumi, manga(manhua), and otaku in general. Delivers the “Otaku Culture” course in cosplay and Kigurumi.
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