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   History / Introduction

Founded in 2001, College of Design at National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech) offers comprehensive studies including Department of Architecture, Department of Industrial Design, Department of Interaction Design, and there are also two multidisciplinary programs affiliated to it, that is, Doctoral Program in Design and Undergraduate Program of Creative Design. The College incorporates five research centers, including Sustainable Environment and Green Buildings Research Center, Innovative Green Building-Materials Research and Promotion Center, Innovative Design & Knowledge Management Research Center, Woodworking Training and Design Research Center, and Center of Woodwork Technology and Innovation.

The College has been working closely with international academic institutions in Britain, America, Germany, Italy, France, Holland, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Poland, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, Brazil, Mainland China, Hong Kong, etc. With the long-standing history and experience in education, the College devotes to integrating specialized fields of landscape, architecture, engineering, product, interior design, furniture, innovation and consultation so as to keep abreast with the global trend in creative design, innovative development and knowledge management.