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Ko-Chiu Wu

Professor, Dept. of Interaction Design
Education: Ph.D. in Civil Engineering ,National Taiwan University, R.O .C
Research Interests: Digital learning with interactive technology ; information technology and management;architectural design and planning
Tel: 886-2-27712171 ext. 4574
Email: kochiuwu@ntut.edu.tw 



Associate Dean

Ying-Ming Su

Professor, Dept. of Architecture
Education: Ph.D. in Land Economics, National Chengchi University, R.O .C
Research Interests: Urban design, urban regeneration, green BIM, eco-design, culture heritage
Tel: 886-2-27712171 ext. 2909



Secretary/Teaching Assistant

Yi-Chun Tsai

Tel: 886-2-27712171 ext. 4562
E-mail: yichun@ntut.edu.tw
*Administrative Assistance, Doctoral Program in Design (Ph. D. Program)
*Administrative Assistance, Undergraduate Program of Creative Design
*Secretarial affairs for the Dean




Administrative Assistant

Queenie Hsieh

Tel: 886-2-27712171 ext. 4560
E-mail: q11646@ntut.edu.tw
*Official Administration.
*Administrative Assistance.(International students)
*Assistance of International Exchange Projects