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Educational Goals

College of Design is an application-oriented research institute. Emphasizing both theory and practice, our educational objectives are as below.

1.To cultivate advanced talents responsive to the need of national economic development.

2.To foster students abilities to expand the domestic and foreign markets and to contribute to the enhancement of industrial design quality and the better environment.

3.To promote the management of sustainable environment and the foundation of cultural creative industries so as to create a healthy and comfortable cultural milieu.

4.To nurture specialists of sustainable environmental design and cultural creative design with response to the current trend of digital technology and knowledge economy.

5.To build symbiotic relationships between local industries, academics and research, we enable students to carry out industry-university cooperative research projects.

6.To nourish designers with holistic spirit to commit to social responsibility and professional design ethics.


Development Philosophy


The College of Design aims to create healthy and sustainable surroundings. Our development compasses wide and various design fields including products, furniture, interior space, architecture, landscape, house, community, urban planning, and interactive media application.